It's not only the sound of the 1930s-40s music playing in the background... 

It's not just the sight of the faithfully restored small tables and vinyl-covered chairs, the long counter and its squat stools, or the pinball machine up front by the door... 

It's not only the feel of the heavy, ceramic china plates, green-striped coffee cups, and real glassware... 

It's not the smell of the delicious, home-cooked food wafting out from the kitchen... 

It's not even the taste of that first forkful of made-from-scratch coconut cream pie (and all the other great pies)...

It's when everything you've been hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting combine that you realize you’re experiencing the Mother Road the way it used to be. 

Join us to see Rt. 66 the way it was when The Palms Grill Cafe first opened in 1934 along Rt. 66 in downtown Atlanta, Illinois



(217) 648-2233



110 SW Arch St
Atlanta, IL 61723



Mon & Tues - CLOSED

Wed & Thur - 10a to 2p

Fri & Sat - 10a to 3p

Sun - 10a to 3pm